Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Book Corner ~ Tracey Sinclair

Today on the blog, Tracey Sinclair -  a freelance writer, author, playwright and editor - joins me to share her Book Corner.
Tracey's latest books are Angel Falls and A Vampire in New York and Other Stories - you can find links to these and her social media sites at the bottom.

Tracey, thank you for joining me today, Can you tell us about your Book Corner/Writing Space?

I’ve moved house a lot over the last few years, so I tend not to keep books once I have read them. My new place has very little storage, so I have piles of books lying around everywhere – this is the tidiest!

Do you have a favourite shelf/collection of books? Or favourite part of your Book Corner?

My notebook shelf. I have a bit of a stationery addiction, and people often buy me notebooks as gifts. These are mostly waiting to be used, though some have notes for new books in. I keep all my notebooks on my desk, though I rarely actually sit at it to write!

That's quite a few notebooks!! Do you have any reading/writing habits?

I write my novels in longhand, and I make a lot of notes, I always have piles of notebooks lying around!

Wow! How do you keep apart, track and control your TBR to read books?

Because I usually give books away to friends or charity once I’ve read them – some old favourites and art books aside – this pretty much is my TBR pile! Sometimes it feels a bit like a visual to-do list which can feel a bit overwhelming, but I still keep buying more books…

And, lastely, Can you provide links to your social media handles please?


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  1. Great wee feature, will need to nip over for a visit.