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** January 2016 - Unfortunately I am unable to accept books to review from self publishing authors at this time.

I'm generally happy to review most genres of books, and will give my honest feedback, however my preferred categories are listed below.

  • Chic~Lit
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary 
  • Romance
  • Suspense 
  • Humour
  • Erotica (tastefully done)
I'm willing to consider giving reviews from authors, publishers, PR companies and Book Clubs. If my 'to be read' list is low then I will also be willing to consider novels from self publishing authors ~ please contact me via email or Twitter before hand.
Alternatively I have some Guest Reviewers who I can contact to see if they are able to read and review.

  • LozzasBookCorner@gmail.com
  • @LozzaBookCorner

       ~ My reviews are my opinion, if I don't particularly like a book, it may not necessary mean it's bad but more not my cup of tea!

       ~ My reviews will always be placed on goodreads, Amazon and NetGalley and I'm more than happy for my review to be used on your own website providing credit is given -
Please Note.. I work full time and it is not always possible to upload reviews to Amazon and Goodreads Immediately. NetGalley feedback will be given as soon as the book is finished, a blog post scheduled and then the FRIDAY of that week, Amazon and Goodreads uploaded if not already.
       ~ I will try to give your review as soon as possible, however reading is my hobby and as much I would love it to be my full time job I do work full time and have a family to see.

      ~ UNSOLICITED BOOKS - although surprise book post is welcomed providing it is within my specified genre's, please be advised that I have a lot of review and blog tour commitments and therefore unsolicited books will get read but may not be marked as priority. If you would like a review for a specific date, please contact me prior to posting and I will endeavour to sort something.

      ~ If you would like me to review a book from a series, please ensure I have read the books leading to that part.

      ~ My guest reviewers I know personally and them and I, can all be trusted not to pass on any ARC's that we receive. Reviewers will also give complete honest feedback.

I have quite a simple 1-5 rating system using butterflies rather than stars. Some times though, you come across a book which is much more worthy than a 5 rating - these books will become part of my extra special books page. The others are decided and rated using the following:

1 butterfly- unable to finish the book
2 butterlies- Finsihed but didn't enjoy
3 butterflies- Good, but has some issues
4 butterflies- Enjoyed and would pass my copy to friends and family
5 butterlies - Loved - buy your own copy as I'm keeping mine!! 

I look forward to reading your work soon!

Lozza X

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