Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Book Corner ~ Laurie Ellingham

Not only am I on the blog tour for Laurie's new book, (Read my Q&A here) I'm delighted that she joins me again today to talk about her writing space... 

My writing space is small, but it's all mine. I used to write in our kitchen, one of the main rooms of our house, but it's amazing how quickly you develop little stumbling blocks to writing. I'd get distracted if the kitchen was a mess, or if anyone else was in the house, or by gazing out the window onto our cul-de-sac, and wondering what the neighbours were doing.

After some sighing and a little bit of nagging, my husband popped out to Ikea one day and came back with a desk and chair for me. Now I share the dog's space and work in the front porch. We're side door people so there is no coming and going (apart from the dog, who I think is a bit put out by the invasion).
There are no pictures up to distract me, and even the window has obscured glass so I can't gaze out of it. The best thing about it, though, is the door. I can slip into my room and close the door whenever I like, even with my husband and children in the house.

Laurie Ellingham's debut novel, The Reluctant Celebrity, was released in 2015, and her latest novel, How To Throw Your Life Away, is out on the 14th April. She is currently working on her fourth novel. 

You can follow her on Twitter @LaurieEllingham and on FB Laurie Ellingham Author.

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