Sunday, 29 May 2016

My Book Corner | Denise Deegan

Joining me this week to share their book corner is author Denise Deegan...

1) Tell us about your Book Corner/Writing Space?
In my mind, my writing space is tucked away in an ancient tower on the top of an Italian mountain with wispy clouds floating outside my window and light pouring in. In reality, it is on the dining room table – a fine table it has to be said – but in the middle of LIFE – everyone’s life. Including a dog that snores. Last week, I finished a Young Adult horror, killing characters to the sound of very loud choral music. So you can see why I dream of turrets on Italian mountains.    

2) Do you have a favourite shelf/collection of books? Or favourite part of your Book Corner?
I go through various obsessions. Feng Shui was one of them. And so… no book shelves. I do have a cupboard that contains my absolute favouites, but only the ones I just can’t part with: Twelve, A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing, Never Let Me Go, I’m Not Afraid, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Notes on a Scandal. No more than fifteen. I read a lot of ebooks now – they’re so easy to access, carry around, store, revisit.

3) Do you have any reading/writing habits?
I possibly spend too much time writing and not enough time reading. My ideal day is spent writing – as soon as everyone else has left for the day and I’ve walked the dog. My ideal evening would be spent reading but, again, this thing called LIFE…. Stories are my life but movies are easier to share with familly. Whatever my day, though, I do tend to fall asleep reading – usually late into the night.

4) How do you keep apart, track and control your TBR to read books?
I’ve never been good at control.

5) Thank you for coming on today Denise, finally please can you provide links to your social media handles please? 
I write under two names: Denise Deegan for YA fiction, Aimee Alexander for women’s fiction.
Amazon author page for Aimee Alexander:

Next book: The Accidental Life of Greg Millar, published April 26th

Amazon author page for Denise Deegan:
Twitter handles:


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