Thursday, 31 March 2016

Review | The Summer I Met You ~ Victoria Walters


It wasn't love at first sight. It was a summer of love...

When Emma leaves her Cornish hometown of Talting for a summer in Devon, the last thing she dreams of is falling in love.

But sometimes the people who affect us the most come along when we least expect it.
As the summer comes to the end, will it herald the start of something that could last for ever?
Oh my... this book...
OK I'm calling it a book but in reality its a short story, so short in fact that it took me just 50 minutes to read it. It might be short but it is ever so sweet.
Firstly I guess it's wise to point out that The Summer I Met You is a prequel short story to Victoria Walters' full d├ębut novel, The Second Love of My Life, which is published exactly ONE week today - April 7th. 
The Summer I Met You introduces us to some of the characters I'm sure will pop up in The Second Love of My Life, but primarily focuses on Emma and John and is told in the first person from Emma's perspective. 
Emma has had her heart broken before and so understandably is wary of meeting someone new. Her main goal this summer is to spend time with her cousins Amy and Lucy and to have fun celebrating Amy's birthday - so with that in mid she packs up her car and leaves her beloved home in the Cornish village of Talting and heads to Devon.
The last thing Emma expected to do was save someone's life on the first day... or save that life with the help of John. Instantly the pair are attracted to each other and but with Emma leaving in six weeks to return to Cornwall and John leaving to pursue his studies and life in London, the pair are left facing the prospect of a 'holiday romance'. It quickly becomes clear it is more than that and decisions are left to be made. The story cleverly and fluently alternates between Now and Then chapters - the Now being Emma arriving back to Cornwall after her summer away and the Then telling us the story of how her and John met.
The Summer I Met You is a glorious short story of love and friendship and gives an insight to the settings of The Second Love of My Life too. Victoria's writing style completely captivated me and has left me with a need to read the full book - lucky me having an advance copy to go and devour right now!!
From the synopsis, I believe The Summer I Met You can be read as a standalone but why would you do that when its only 99p and is utterly delicious? Plus... Just look at the cover, isn't it beautiful and summery? How can you resist?!
If I was you I would grab a copy of The Summer I Met You now and whilst it's downloading to your devices, pre -order The Second Love of My Life, which you can locate here.

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