Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Feature | Book Launch ~ Catherine Miller

Not much happens down on the south coast, not much book related anyway. However when Carina announced on twitter that they had a new author with a debut novel coming out, I immediately followed Catherine Miller and noticed that she was fairly local to where I lived.

After a few brief chats, it was announced that Catherine was going to be hosting a book launch for Waiting For You and Catherine kindly invited me along.

So on Saturday, Mum and I made the short trip to Down To Earth Farm in Southampton, we arrived a little early as wasn't too sure where the venue was, so made use of having a quick look around at the farm animals!

We were then invited inside to a gorgeous looking room, complete with polka dot table cloths and vases of flowers. Catherine, in case you were unaware, is mum to twin and so the farm was an ideal setting for her children and their friends, she also provided colour and glueing and sticking on a very busy and lively table!

The first half of the event was just mingling and it was lovely to catch up with Laura James and meet Sue Fortin, good friends and fellow Romanics with Catherine. We had lengthy chats about various bookish things from their current books, what they are working on now to favourite authors and books we've read in common over tea and homemade cakes whilst Catherine was mingling.

Catherine then thanked us all for coming with a little speech before reading us an extract of her books - Waiting For You sounds fabulous and it is sat on my kindle waiting for me!

The event was then finished off with a raffle with proceeds going to the farm (my bottle of rose was lovely in case you are wondering!) before Catherine signed some book cover posters and had photos.

Thank you Catherine for inviting me to your special day, good luck with your novel and continued success.

Waiting For You, published by Carina, is out now.
Buy it HERE


  1. So jealous! Pleased you had a great time x

  2. How lovely that you were able to be there Laura - and I think you'll love the book! x

  3. Wasn't it a lovely afternoon? Great to chat with you, Laura :-)