Thursday, 17 March 2016

Feature | Spring Blogger Evening

Well... not only have I realised that today is my blog's first birthday - I thought that I started blogging in April 2015 but nope, thanks to that marvellous memories feature on a certain social media site, it's today!

Happy Birthday to me - I've a flash give away on my twitter and facebook pages today for you (UK/IRE only)

Anyway, back to this post...

Back in January I had an email from Sara-Jade Virtue (SJ) of Books and the City inviting me to Simon & Schuster HQ for their Spring Blogger Event.

I'm a massive fan of Paige Toon and I didn't even look at the date of the event or even thing about getting time off work... I saw her name and RSVP's with a massive yes!

So yesterday I set off to London ahead of the event. I usually love reading on the train - an hour and a half with no interruptions is pure bliss, however the train was awful. I can only describe it as being in a sauna on a merry-go-round... yuk!

Once there I met up with the lovely Sharon from Shaz's Book Blog, we met at Waterloo and headed over to Kings Cross and killed some time in Costa, the pub and talking about... books! Bet you wouldn't have guessed that one eh? My first book of the day came from Sharon who very kindly gave me a spare copy of a books and very naughtily treated me to some goodies too - thank you again Sharon!

We made our way over to the S&S building and met with other bloggers before being moved upstairs where we were greeted by SJ herself and given our name badges before being left to mingle and grab a drink..

Shortly after we moved rooms where SJ gave us a warm welcome and introduced us to S&S Editorial Director Clare Hay who then went to introduce us to the authors for the evening - Juliet Ashton, Holly Hepburn, Penny Parkes and of course Paige Toon.

We were treated to a reading by each author of their new books, followed by a Q&A which featured romance, love, friendship... and men ;-)

It was lovely hearing about each of their books, all of which sound glorious reads and I'm finding it fairly difficult to choose which one to start with!!

The evening was then wrapped up with us having cupcakes and fizz, plus collecting our goody bags and getting books signed.
The goody bags are amazing and include copies of the four authors books - plus a three chapter preview from Georgia Clark who had flown in especially for the event. There were also plenty of books available for us to take should we wish too.

Thank you SJ, Clare and all at BATC/S&S for a fabulous evening.


  1. Congratulations and happy blog day πŸΎπŸŽ‚πŸ“šπŸ“š. What a lovely story of how you started , to share with us thank you 🌹🌹🌹

  2. Congratulations. Sounds like you had a fab time. Also a huge Paige Toon fan. Looking forward to reading both of her new books this year. Lx