Sunday, 22 November 2015

Review: Dream A Little Christmas Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

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Sarah's doing great. Okay, her dreams might still be totally bananas but real life is definitely back on track. She's got a fantastic job, amazing friends and plans to spend all Christmas wrapped up with Brett, her handsome boyfriend.

But after another night of increasingly bizarre dreams, Sarah wakes to find her housemate suddenly announcing she's moving out. And later that day Brett begins to act strangely. He's clearly hiding something - but what? 

Soon Sarah can't help but wonder if she's living in a festive nightmare. Will any of her dreams come true for Christmas?

Giovanna Fletcher has quickly become a favourite author of mine, her novels have progressed with her as she writes more and more and Dream A Little Dream was one of my favourite reads of the summer, so when I heard that Gi was writing a festive novella as a sequel it immediately made my wish list!

Being a novella, Dream A Little Christmas Dream was a quick short read, but packed with great detail and humour, it had easy to follow references to Dream A Little Dream so it could be read as a standalone, although I would thoroughly suggest reading the full novel first.

Sarah, the main character, is enjoying life since we last met her - she's happy in her new job and loved up with Real Brett... that is until her crazy dreams start to come back including one where she falls and loses all her teeth, Brett looks this up as a sign of big change happening but Sarah starts to wonder if that's true - especially after a few big announcements from her circle of friends at their weekly pub quiz meet up and Brett ignoring her 'Where do you think we are going chat?"

Convinced ahes going to be dumped by Christmas, Sarah gets herself into a right pickle and as the last quiz night before Christmas looms closer shes far from feeling festive - that is until Santa, AKA Brett, hosts the quiz and dedicates one round completely to Sarah - shocked and surprised, all the little things she been worrying about soon clicks into place - finally Sarah can have a her happy ever after.

Dream A Little Christmas Dream was delightful read, I loved catching up with Sarah and her group of friends and seeing how their lives have moved on.
Giovanna has a great witty writing style that is full of emotion and takes you from laughing out loud to sighing 'ahh' and smiling right through to the end!

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