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Blog Tour ~ Extract | Her Last Breath ~ Tracy Buchannan

Today I'm delighted to be able to offer you an extract from Her Last Breath, the new novel from Tracy Buchanan.

I've started reading this today and totally intrigued despite only being a few chapters in - be sure to check back on the blog at the end of the week for my review.

I've read two of Tracy's previous novels - My Sisters Secret and No Turning back - and love the detail Tracy gives within her stories along with the unexpected twists. Please click on the titles to read my reviews of these and check out Tracy's Amazon page for all her work, Here.

So without further ado, read on for all the details about the book and a little snippet for you to enjoy!

Her Last Breath
Tracy Buchanan
June 2017


[Extract 7 from Chapter 2 pp.21-22]

She pulled away the white paper from a large slab of beef ready to put it in the fridge.

Then she frowned. There was something on top of the meat, square and white.

She looked over at Louis who was busy tapping away at his laptop at the other end of the

large island, then she grabbed a fork and lifted the item off the meat. It was an envelope,

a name scrawled on the front.


She peered at the windowsill, where the poppies she’d received the evening before had

been placed in a vase. The note that had come with them had been addressed to Stel too.

She quickly opened the envelope and pulled out a Polaroid photo. It was a close-up photo

of a teenage girl. Sad brown eyes. Freckled button nose. Dyed red hair . . . red hair that

made her think of another girl, another time.


But it wasn’t Alice. In fact, Estelle had no idea who the girl in the photo was. But as she

looked into her eyes, she still felt a flare of recognition.

She looked at the bottom of the photo, where a message had been scrawled, droplets of

blood from the beef blossoming around the words.

They say you’re as pure as the driven snow. But I know you’re not.

I’m watching you. I know everything about you.

Estelle dropped the photo with trembling fingers, watching as it floated to the floor, the

blood from the beef congealing in her nails.

Who the hell had sent this to her?

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