Monday, 5 September 2016

Review | Summer at Skylark Farm by Heidi Swain

Summer at Skylark Farm
Heidi Swain
Simon & Schuster
August 2016
Rating 5/5


For everyone dreaming of escaping to the country, fall in love this summer at Skylark Farm...

Amber is a city girl at heart. So when her boyfriend Jake Somerville suggests they move to the countryside to help out at his family farm, she doesn't quite know how to react. But work has been hectic and she needs a break so she decides to grasp the opportunity and make the best of it.

Dreaming of organic orchards, paddling in streams and frolicking in fields, Amber packs up her things and moves to Skylark Farm. But life is not quite how she imagined - it's cold and dirty and the farm buildings are dilapidated and crumbling.

But Amber is determined to make the best of it and throws herself into farm life. But can she really fit in here? And can she and Jake stay together when they are so different?


Have you ever wished you could pack up your life and start a fresh one elsewhere? That's how Amber is feeling as we start the new novel from Heidi Swain. 

Yes Amber has a good job as a cooperate executive in London, and one that she is seemingly good at. However she is on call to her boss 24 / 7, barely getting anytime to her self let alone spending time with her gorgeous boyfriend Jake.

When Jake announces that his is moving to Skylark Farm permanately, Amber is faced with the prospect of an amazing career move but still with her needy boss, or to follow Jake and pack up her old life to start a completely new one.

Hence the title of the book, Amber takes the later option and quickly settles in to life on Skylark Farm with Jake and his elderly Aunt Annie.
All isn't quite as rosy as it seems though...

Amber immediately makes friends with two local girls, Jessica and Harriet and life moves on, but lots of whispering and a blast from Jake's past returning, completely unsettles Amber.

Summer at Skylark Farm had be gripped as there were very subtle hints that Jake could be hiding something and I was eager to read on to find out what. Alongside that the book was full with gorgeous little sub plots including the local May Fair being held on Skylark Farm, chicks and ponies being born, country weddings and not forgetting cake from The Cherry Tree cafe which of course was the previous novel from Heidi.

Summer at Skylark Farm had lots of ups and downs, some of which I found a little predictable but nonetheless didn't take away from the story.

Heidi's writing style was very easy to read and follow - the story moved quickly over the summer months but was still jam packed full of details.

Summer at Skylark Farm is the first book by Heidi Swain I have read but I have immediately gone and brought The Cherry Tree Cafe... now to find some room in the TBR to read it!


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