Monday, 25 May 2015

The Perfect Match by Katie Fford

Three years ago, Bella Castle left her hometown nursing a broken heart over Dominic Thane.

Now she has a new job she loves, selling houses in the Cotswolds countryside. And her boyfriend, Nevil, has just proposed.
They're just right for each other, Bella tells herself. So why doesn't she feel happier?

The Dominic turns up unexpectedly.

And Bella begins to ask herself whether Nevil really is her perfect match after all...

"A perfect match for an afternoon curled up on the sofa!" ~ The Sun

It's been a while since I've read something from Katie Fford and I'd forgotten just how adorable her books where.

The Perfect Match follows the story of Bella Castle, a kind and caring estate agent who goes above and beyond her work duties.
She's dating her boss, Nevil, who as a character I took an instant dislike too. Hes cocky and arrogant  and completely uncaring which had be questioning why Bella was with him from the start - he's doesn't even propose to Bella but more tells her that they are getting engaged!

Bella moved in with her godmother, Alice, after fleeing her hometown when the man she was madly I love with, Dominic , was expecting a baby with his wife. It's clear that Bella and Alice dote on each other  and have a really lovely relationship. And whilst Alice's life is moving full steam ahead after discovering love at the age of 60, Bella life is falling apart, mainly because Dominic re enters her life.

Dominic is the nephew of Jane, a client come friend of Bella's, and a well respected solicitor. When old feelings return Bella questions her relationship with Nevil, even more so when she finally gets her most awkward clients to agree to buying a house only to out that there are some wrong doings going on and Nevil is at the forefront of them, and eventually turns to Dominic for help and the pair working together discover that their feelings are mutual.

Katie Fford has a great way of writing in depth, at times I was transported from my home to one in the Cotswolds country side eating cake and sipping tea or champagne.

The Perfect Match is a cute, light read with a romantic feel. The characters (apart from Nevil!) are loveable and easy to get to know and I shall certainly be adding some more of Katie's books to my reading list! 

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