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Review | Wicked Dix (A Hard Love Romance, Book 2) ~ Monica James

Published 24th March 2016
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I’ve always been a bad boy, with a very wicked reputation. 

But then I met Madison – sweet, vulnerable, innocent Madison. She makes me feel as if there is hope for me. As if I could be a good man. I need her more than I need air to breathe. 

There’s just one problem: Juliet. She’s a temptress who won’t take no for an answer. If I resist her, she’ll use our dirty secret to ruin everything with Madison. I don’t want to lose Madison, but can I really change? 

This is my chance to prove that I can. But it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Are you ready? 

Seriously sexy and totally addictive, Wicked Dix is the second in the Hard Love Romance series. Find out how it all began…Dirty Dix OUT NOW.

When I saw that the second book in this series had become available via NetGalley, I literally stopped what I was doing and downloaded it. I immediately started reading and completely forgot to go on Twitter to share the book cover that was being revealed - I was so engrossed to be back in the world of Dr. Dixon that when the kindle crashed, it was gone midnight and I was 40% into the book and taken back under Dix's spell.

If you read my review of Dirty Dix (formally Addicted To Sin) that I posted a few weeks back then you will know that this isn't my usually genre of book, but I needed something different to pull me out of my reading slump and Monica James did just that, however I was most upset/annoyed/shocked that the book ended on a bombshell that I couldn't wait for more - you can read my review of Dirty Dix here, and just whilst I'm mentioning that - just look at this stunning new book cover too! 

If I thought that Dirty Dix played with my emotions, then I was totally and utterly NOT prepared for Wicked Dix!

I also make no apologies for being so vague with this review as you really do need to read the books for yourself - I don't want to give too many spoilers away!

Monica James picked up Wicked Dix were Dirty Dix left off and although I would completely recommend that you read the first book before the second, there are little sentences and paragraphs that refer back to previous events which lead us to the situation we are in now and at a push you could read book 2 as a standalone, but don't... just DON'T OKAY!!!

Dixon has been left in a predicament - if he tells the truth he will lose Madison, if he lies then he has to continue with Juliet and her games and most likely to end up losing Maddy anyway.
Despite his too best buddies, Hunter and Finch, urging him to tell the truth, Dixon decides to take matters in to his own hands and play Juliet at her own games.
Only she's one clever cookie and stitches him right up forcing his hand to confess all to an innocent Madison.

There were a few unexpected twists and turns in Wicked Dix, and unlike some of the bigger titles in the erotica genre that are on the market, Monica James' A Hard Love Romance series has so much more than just sex. Yes there is a lot of sex. Yes there were moments when I was like "What the...?"
I've read some of those hyped up books out there and firstly their sex scenes were all very much the same, Wicked Dix kept it varied and secondly, the storyline was so much more interesting that at times I was sighing Ooo and Ahh whilst at other times I could feel my hands tightening the kindle in frustration - yes, I very much still have the love/hate relationship with Dixon that I felt in the first book but I enjoyed reading and seeing the story progress in both his personal and professional worlds.

What I loved about Wicked Dix though, is that we see a lot more depth to him and his ways. He's had to make tough choices and learn that his actions speak so many more volumes than his words at times and we see his character change quite drastically as he realises the errors of his ways and man's up some what. 
Equally, Madison has grown up quite a bit from B1, since we last met her she has been having counselling and this has made her character grow much stronger. I love that she can now stick up for herself a bit more!

If you follow @LozzaBookCorner on twitter you may have seen a few exchanges with myself and Jo from Comet Babes Books regarding Dix's friend Hunter - he is hilarious, with brilliant one liners and a straight talking nature - I can honestly see him having a spin off novella!

Overall, Wicked Dix is just as brilliant a book as Dirty Dix was. Monica James' writing style has completely played with my emotions... I've gone from air punching in delight to opening my eyes wide in shock. Every time I thought the book had come to a conclusion, I was delighted to find that I still had 30%... 20%.. 10% of the book left - I just did not know how it was going to end.

And now that it has ended, I really don't know how to feel. I'm happy with the outcome, don't get me wrong, but I can't help but feel that this isn't the end of the line for Dixon and Maddy...

At the forefront this book was a complete page turner and had me gripped from start to finish and on the edge of my seat, ultimately it was a gorgeous love story.

Thank you to Kim Nash and Bookouture for providing a proof copy of Wicked Dix via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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