Monday, 13 July 2015

It's Now or Never by Jill Steeples

For Jen Faraday - not to be opened, in any circumstances until April 2016.

When smooth talking Alex Fellows tells Jen Faraday he can predict her future - and leaves a note with the bar tender for her to collect in one years time - she thinks it's just a line.
After all, how can a man she's known for only one night see what her future holds? Or maybe it's not too hard. Recently her life has been a series of things she hasn't done. She didn't go to college - family trouble. She didn't get married - dumped. And she hasn't handed her notice in at work yet - too scared! If she had to predict her future, would it be more of the same?

Or maybe not. After all, she's just had a passionate one night stand with a man who is rich and ridiculously good looking and totally not her type. That was unexpected. And she is going to resign from her job... Things are already changing. Whatever that prediction says - and how Jen wishes she knew - perhaps this year is the year she takes control of her destiny!

Firstly, I would like to start by thanking Jill for contacting me via Twitter and then sending me the NetGalley link for Its Now or Never. 

I actually have two other books by Jill on the iPad, but being a lover of real books compared to e-reading they have been pushed to the back of the pile -sorry Jill!
That said,I enjoyed Its now or Never so they could be bumped up shortly.

Jen Faraday is at a loss. Her best friend Angie is getting married, something she thought she would do first, her job, as much as she enjoys it, isn't fulfilling her potential and her love life is practically non existent.
That is until she meets Alex at Angies wedding, he's charming and handsome and Jen is quickly taken under his spell, but Angie has warned her off claiming he is a player. 

One thing Jen is trying to do is to live a little, so the excitement of him leads to a one night stand. Just before they get to the nitty gritty so to speak, Alex claims he can predict jeans future. Putting his view on paper he places it in an envelope and tells the bar staff to keep hold of it. He can only view it a year later.

Over the course of the book a year happens. Jill has written the book well and the story doesn't feel rushed in anyway, but we see Jen and Alex become a very "will they, won't they" couple.
Jen plucks up the courage to leave her job setting up her own business and there's abreast relationship between her and her Grandfather which comes across well too.

Jen and Alex meet several times over the course of the year, a few planned dates, a few by circumstances and chance when Jen does a temping job to boost her income and attends a christening -which just so happens to see them both become godparents earning that their paths are going to cross time and time again.

Whilst Jen does her best to focus on work and avoid this, Alex does his best at changing her mind. When he suddenly stops contacting her, she realises she feels more for him than she let on.

Fast forward to exactly a year and Jen comes face to face with that envelope and her so called future.... Did Alex get it right?
Well I won't spoil everything so you will have to grab a copy and find out for yourself.

Its Now or Never is a fun, light hearted, summery read... Perfect for a day in the sun.

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