Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Year I Met You, Cecelia Ahern

Agh so here goes, my first ever book review!

The Year I Met You is the latest novel from Irish author Cecelia Ahern, and having read and loved all of her previous books I was keen to get stuck into this.

The book for me took some getting in to, the story is based around Jasmine, a workaholic who likes to be kept busy, yet is written with Jasmine narrating to her neighbour, Matt. She refers to him throughout the book as "you" and once you've got your head into this mindset your ready to go!

Jasmine has recently lost her job, however due to a 'gardening leave' clause issued by her boss she is  unable to look elsewhere for a year.... Sounds fun being paid and not working for a year doesn't it? Yet Jasmine likes to be kept busy and only when she's not does she notice flaws in her life.
Firstly she takes on stalking Matt, who is a controversial radio DJ and whom Jasmine took an instant dislike like to years before over a conversation... Let's just say it was too close to home... I don't want to spoil all the book for you!
Secondly, she becomes way over protective of her older sister. The love for Heather that Jasmine has throughout the book is paramount but she dislikes who she becomes, especially when she fails to stick the rules set out for Heathers life!

Coincidently, Matt is also on 'Gardening Leave', has a drinking problem and a stinking attitude resulting on his wife leaving him. Jasmine turns to gardening as her coping mechanism which cleverly ties in with how the book is written, over the four seasons of the year, and as that year unfolds an unlikely friendship starts to blossom (see what I did there!?!)

Jasmine and Matt help each other to rebuild their lives. The book shows humour and emotion throughout with various episodes involving other neighbours on the street and despite, for me, the slow start, once I'd gotten into the flow of it, I couldn't put it down!

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