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Blog Tour ~ Guest Post | The Second Love Of My Life ~ Victoria Walters

I'm absolutely delighted to be hosting today's stop on The Second Love Of My Life blog tour. If you haven't heard me banging on about this book - just where have you been? It is so far my book of 2016 and you can read my full review of it here.

Victoria has provided the following guest post for us - thank you!

Music from The Second Love Of My Life

Music has a very special place in my novel The Second Love Of My Life.
Music has a very special place in my heart so it felt natural to try to incorporate it in the story. I created a playlist early on as I wrote the first draft and I just knew the book had a certain sound to it.

The music went so well with what I was writing, I decided to slip in the names of artists and bands from the playlist in to the actual novel to link the two.

 I love country music myself. It started when I accidentally discovered Taylor Swift on YouTube back when she was on her first album and I fell in love with the genre because of how they tell stories in their songs.

We maybe don’t play it as much here compared to America so it was online that I found most of my favourite artists.
Some of the songs on the playlist go so well with the story it’s a tad spooky. Some of them I already owned but some I stumbled on as I was writing the book. I wrote the line “they say that everyone is famous in a small town” and discovered the Miranda Lambert song ‘”Famous in A Small town”, which went straight on the playlist.

Other songs I already loved and fitted the book perfectly – one of my favourites LeAnn Rimes had so many songs that matched the story, such as “Some People” and “I Want To With You”. I ordered the playlist to follow the storyline of the book and there are key moments that go with a song, for example, when Rose leaves Talting to go to an art retreat “Old Faces” by Laura Doggett worked so well or when Rose is thinking about her husband – “I Miss You” by Kacey Musgraves.

Hopefully it also stands on its own as a collection of great songs too. I knew that the Carrie Underwood song “Thank God For Hometowns” had to finish off the soundtrack. It just sums up the town the book is set in Talting and how Rose learns to love living there again.

 Hopefully everyone will enjoy the playlist as well as the book and I would love it if someone discovered their new favourite song because of The Second Love Of My Life!

Thank you again to Victoria and France Gough for providing the above content - I hope you approve of the GIF and video clips ;-)

The Second Love Of My Life is available to by now, be sure to grab yourself a copy. Don't forget to check out Victoria's short story prequel, The Summer I Met You too!


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