Sunday, 12 June 2016

A Little Message...

Well hello there... Remember me? Ha!

I thought that I would do a brief post to apologise for being MIA in recent weeks.

I'd love to tell you that something exciting has happened. Or that I had been on an exotic holiday. That I'd been to many social event's and not had time to blog... the list of what I'd love to say has been happening is endless.

In truth, I really don't know what's been happening.

Work has been incredibly quite, I've recently had a client pass away too,

My social live has been non existent, I've pretty much done nothing in recent weeks, other than spend last weekend with my beautiful nieces and handsome nephew.

So in short, I've no reason for being MIA, I just have.

I've done nothing, yet had no time to do anything - don't you just had that?

And the biggest thing of all. My reading MoJo... Vanished. Literally. Aghhh!!!

I woke up one morning and just couldn't get into the book I had started. Tried another. And another. 
And then another - and that one has taken me 3 weeks to read.

I'ts been awful. I've not been able to get comfortable to read or concentrate on the words in front of me.
Which has been annoying for two reasons.

1. I got aa new Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday and hardly used it.

2. Some lovely publishers have sent some beauties of books post!

Without reading and blogging, the fall out has been that I've barely been on social media too.
I therefore wanted to take this opportunity to apologise for not sharing posts and reviews - I'm sorry.

Moving forward then...

I have four blog tours coming up this month of which I shall fulfil but I've decided to ease back for a few weeks with blogging and social media. I'll still be around so please feel free to tweet or Facebook me, I just won't be as active in between.

I want to take the pressure off and fall back in to reading again, and hopefully my reading MoJo will return as thew reading will be for love and enjoyment without the pressure.

I hope everyone is well. I'd love to know what your reading currently, or a book you've recently read and loved that you think might help me!


  1. Sorry to hear this Laura, it sounds like you have burnt yourself out. You are doing the best thing take your time and it will probably creep back. On the bright side I might save some money lol and have chance to catch up xx

  2. I sympathise Laura, this happens to me too sometimes. Do you have a favourite book that you could re-read? I hope yours returns soon, its a horrible feeling x

  3. Totally with u there Laura, sometimes gets all too much!. Take some time out for u 💕💕