Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Book Corner ~ Hayley from Rather Too Fond Of Books

Today I am joined by the very lovely Hayley who runs the blog Rather Too Fond Of Books.
If you've not checked out Hayely's blog yet then please do, I've come to know Hayley through blogging over the last year and she really is one of the nicest bloggers out there!

Tell us about your Book Corner/Writing Space?

I prefer to read in my living room as it’s a perfect place to read. I have a recliner chair that is super comfy so I always like to sit there. To to the left of my chair (as you can see in the photo) is my TBR bookcase. Not all of my TBR is on these two shelves, these are just the books I want to read next (they’re three books deep so it’s going to take me a while to read them all!). Opposite me in the room is my main bookcase, which I love being able to see from my chair (you can just make out the top of it in the mirror above my chair in this photo). As you can see my TBR books and my husband’s record collection are soon going to be competing for space… 

 Do you have a favourite shelf/collection of books? Or favourite part of your Book Corner?

Yes, I do. My main bookcase is where I keep all of my favourite books and it’s opposite my reading chair so I can always see them. I got rid of most of my print books a couple of years ago, which was hard at the time but it’s lovely now to have a bookcase where all of my favourite books can all be seen. I don’t keep my books in any kind of order but it all makes sense to me and I always know where to find every single one of my books. I do have other books that I plan to keep but they’re on my big bookshelf upstairs - this is because I spent most of the last year and a half living upstairs in my home so our spare room became a second living room for that time and I kept a lot of books upstairs. Now I have my stairlift and can get downstairs again I’m slowly re-arranging my books so that my favourite books are all together again - it’s a work in progress! There are a few of my husband’s books on this bookcase, but I like having them there as he doesn’t read much so I like him being able to see the books that he’s enjoyed in the hope it might inspire him to pick up another book one of these days. 

 Do you have any reading/writing habits?

I always keep post-it notes with me when I’m reading a print book so I can mark any quotes that I like. I’ve done this since I was a teenager and love being able to pick up a book that I’ve read before and see what stood out to me on a previous reading. If I ever find myself reading without post-its I take photos of the page on my phone so I can go back and stick post-its in the right places as soon as I can! I love being able to highlight books and make notes on my kindle too.

How do you keep apart, track and control your TBR to read books?

I mainly keep my print TBR books on separate shelves to the books I've read, and I keep my review books on a shelf of their own so I don't get them mixed up with my books. I’ve used Goodreads to keep track of my books for years and have every single book I own listed on there. I sometimes think I’d like to catalogue my TBR differently and somewhere else but it would be too big a job to do now. I do like looking through Goodreads and seeing what I was reading in any given month or year. I only ever list a book on Goodreads if I own it so it’s a little bit intimidating to know exactly how big my TBR is sometimes! Before the internet came along I used to write down every book I read in a notebook - I had so many notebooks full of lists but I stupidly threw the books away when I was clearing my mum’s house out. I couldn’t have kept them as I didn’t have room but I wish I’d taken the time to make a digital copy of them all. As for how I control my TBR... I don't think I've ever had control of it!

Can you provide links to your social media handles please?

Twitter: @hayleysbookblog

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