Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Book Corner ~ Emma Davies

Today I'm delighted to have author Emma Davies join me to share her book corner secrets!

Thank you for coming on Lozza’s BookCorner. Please can you tell us a little about you and your Book Corner/Writing Space?

I’m a writer of romantic fiction and I live in rural Shropshire with my husband, three children, 93 year old mother in law, and two guinea pigs!
My writing space tends to be a bit flexible, mainly because it’s quite often perched on the edge of the settee with my laptop on my knee, or at the kitchen table while I’m snatching a few words waiting for the tea to cook. I do however have a little space under the stairs which I gravitate to when I can. Only in the summer though, it’s in the middle of a howling draft in the winter! I would love to have an office / she shed / place where no-one can find me, but this space is a bit of the way there, It does at least mean I can leave all my stuff out, without constantly having to tidy things away. As you can see, it’s a very slight homage to Harry Potter, and yes the kids do jump on the stairs as they go up which showers me in dust!

Do you have a favourite shelf/collection of books? Or favourite part of your Book Corner?

I don’t really have a book corner, but here’s a photo of me in my favourite reading pose!

If you look at the photo the shelves on the left of the picture are my favourite ones, especially
     this one, because it has my collection of Katie Fforde, Erica James, and Jill Mansell books, which were all the inspiration I ever needed to start writing!

Do you have any reading/writing habits?

Only that I try to both every day. Reading – whenever I can (I never go anywhere without my kindle), and writing 2000 words a day. Tea and Pringles should accompany both whenever possible!

How do you keep apart, track and control your TBR books?

I have a little space on my bookshelves for physical books to be read, but to be honest I prefer to read on my kindle now, simply because of its portability and (woman of a certain age) because my eyesight is not what it was. I have a folder on my kindle for all my TBR books, and once I’ve read one I move it back out into my main library. That way I always have a ready selection to browse for what to read next.
Can you provide links to your social media handles please?

You can find me at:

And here’s my author page on Amazon:

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