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Scandalous Lies by Nigel May

Lovers and liars, divas and sinners, welcome to the world of scandal, where one woman will pay the ultimate price.

SUSPENCE: Georgia's best friend, ballroom dancing sensation Mitzi, has vanished with boyfriend Forster while on holiday in California. Can Georgia get to the thruth of their disappearance before it's too late?

SECRETS: Reality TV star Nova could give the Kardashians a run for their money. But while she allows millions of viewers into her fabulous home, she's unaware what her husband, celebrity mogul Jacob, is up to behind closed doors...

SEX: Tanya is filthy rich, married to a man who adores her but she is restless. And her sexual appetite is about to get her in a whole lot of trouble.

SCANDAL: Victoria once a trophy wife, has lost her mojo. Determined to get her life back on track, she's desperate to inject some excitement in to her life - but at what cost?

From the glitz of Hollywood to the glamour of Milan and the exotic luxury of India, Scandalous Lies is a deliciously unputdownable read.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Wowzers!! Scandalous Lies had more twist and turns than a rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Ive not read any of Nigel May books previously, but I have read other 'BonkBusters' since the 50 Shades hype, and can honestly say this, was by far, the most gripping... 

I was hooked right from the prologue in which tells a brief story of the life of Mitzi Bidgood. A former Zumba teacher that got her break as a backing dancer for a popular Saturday night TV dance show, who successfully made her way to become one of the lead female dancers, and her surfing, garden maintenance turned turned reality star boyfriend Forster Hampton - both equally successful in their own rights, both blissfully in love and on holiday, unaware of their fate. After discovering something horrific, they run for their lives only this doesn't quite work out as planned and both are reported missing.

Now, Scandalous Lies, has a lot of characters in, and I'm going to try and do my upmost to not give out too many spoilers, but what I adored about the book is how the characters are linked... Some obvious links, some not so... Which, along with the twist and turns of the plot, made this one heck of a page turner....

Georgia is a weather girl for breakfast TV, dating the dashing Charlie Cooper. Her best friend is missing Mitzi and she is distraught with worry, taking time off work she set off to Hollywood in search of clues on the disappearance.
Nova, has her own reality TV show and is quite literally the biggest, in more ways than one, Showbiz queen. She also just so happens to be the mother of Charlie boy! Dispite her diva ways, one thing is clear, Nova would move heaven and earth for her son, she's very protective of both him and his girlfriend, and although she didn't know Mitzi, she has known grief and a sense of loss which brings her closer to Georgia.

See where the links are going?

Tanya is, as the blurb states... Rich beyond rich! Married to Devon Bellamy, Georgia's father, she has an incredibly high, and explicit, sex drive. Particularly when it comes to their gardener Aaron Rose - another  surfing gardener who was set to be the next parter of Mitzi on the dance show.
And then there's Victoria, who was happily married to Scott Palmer -Robers, but since birth of their twins six years ago, Victoria's life is spiralling out of control. She's lost all confidence in her self and is taking anti depressants in secret. The final blow comes when she discovers her hubby has been having a fling with the kids nanny, Chloe.
Victoria confides in her friend Evie - a successful film actress, the pair of them where part of Mitzi's Zumba gamg along with Georgia.

There are other characters too... Ones that took me a while longer to work out the clues and links with, but generally the theme of the book is based around their ties to each other and of course to Mitzi, and all the characters come together at a very eventful charity event.
At this point, I thought I had the story nailed.... How wrong was I? 
There were, as I've said, twist and turns but I was NOT expecting that one!!! 

I can't praise Nigel May enough for how brilliantly this was written. 
Yes there was the occasional smuty scene but above that there was lies, deceit, family secrets, heart break, scandals,  passion, addiction, sparkle, glamour and fizz.... Not forgetting one serious plot game changer!
Despite having so much crammed in to one book, it flowed perfectly without losing the reader or getting confusing.

I don't usually give out ratings or stars on my blog, but if I were too, without a shadow of a doubt this would easily get 5/5! 

A thoroughly enjoyable, gripping and exciting summer read. 

I would like to thank both Nigel May and Bookouture for a preview copy of Scandalous Lies from NetGalley. This is my honest opinion.

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