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Review | Holiday in the Hamptons, From Manhattan With Love Book 5 ~ Sarah Morgan

Holiday in the Hamptons
From Manhattan With Love series, book 5.
Sarah Morgan
June 2017
Rating 5/5


The perfect summer escape…?
Professional dog-walker Felicity Knight loves everything about New York…until her ex-husband starts working at her local vet clinic. She hasn’t seen Seth Carlyle in ten years, but one glimpse of him – too gorgeous, and still too good for her – and Fliss’s heart hurts like their whirlwind marriage ended yesterday. So when her grandmother in The Hamptons needs help for the summer, it seems the perfect way to escape her past…
Their relationship might only have lasted a few scorching months, but vet Seth knows Fliss – if she’s run away to The Hamptons, it’s because she still feels their connection and it terrifies her. He let her go once before, when he didn’t know any better, but not this summer! With the help of his adorable dog Lulu, and a sprinkling of beachside magic, Seth is determined to make Fliss see that he’s never stopped loving her…


Holiday in the Hamptons is the latest instalment in the From Manhattan With Love series by Sarah Morgan, with the focus this time being on Fliss. If you have been following the series then you will know from the previous novel - New York, Actually - that Fliss has suddenly been made aware that her ex-husband, Seth, is currently working in the city as a vet.

The beginning of Holiday In The Hamptons gives a little background history so can totally be read as a stand alone novel, however I personally feel that you would benefit reading in order.
Fliss starts with some comical avoidance moments as she really can't face seeing Seth, although she says it is from the way they broke up, as I reader I suspected that it was more due to the fact that there where lingering feelings lurking around.
When Fliss' Grandmother rings informing Fliss who is pretending to be Harriet, to inform them that she has had a fall and needs some care for a few weeks, Fliss begs Harry to let her go believing that this is just the escape from Seth she needs...

Only what she doesn't know is that Seth working in Manhattan was a temporary measure and he has already returned to his home in the Hamptons.

What follows is some more great comical moments as Fliss tries to portray the image that she is Harriet, along with a bumpy ride of discovery and truths about events in the past which are to know shape her future. Holiday In The Hamptons is a real roller coaster of emotions for both Fliss and Seth, and just when you think things are on the right path, something happens which puts barriers straight back up.

Holiday In the Hamptons is a wonderful story about love and discovery. Yes, there are lies and deciept but these are done through fear and panic and it was a joy to read and see Fliss go through the emotions and challenges of opening up not only to her Grandmother and Seth but to Harriet too where we see a slightly different side to Harry so I can't wait to read her story later in the year.

I found Seth a really good character - although nursing his own heartbreak he was patient and understanding with Fliss yet determined and strong too.
I loved Grams and her friends - they could do their own series alone but provided light relief to the darker plots of Fliss' past.

Another fab read from Sarah Morgan on what has been a wonderfully romantic series thus far.


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