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Review | Time To Say Goodbye ~ S.D. Robertson

Today the #TimeToSayGoodbye blog tour stops at my Book Corner and I'm delighted to share with you my review of this emotional yet amazing book!


A heart-rending story about the unique bond between a father and his daughter, for fans of JOJO MOYES and JOHN GREEN.


Will Curtis's six-year-old daughter, Ella, knows her father will never leave her. After all, he promised her so when her mother died. And 
he's going to do everything he can to keep his word.

What Will doesn't know is that the promise he made to his little girl might be harder to keep than he imagined. When he's faced with an impossible decision, Will finds that 
the most obvious choice might not be the right one.

But the future is full of unexpected surprises. And father and daughter are about to embark on an unforgettable journey together . . .

Time To Say Goodbye comes with an emotional warning and has been dubbed as one to read for fans of Jojo Moyes and John Green. And, yes, whilst I admit to shedding more than a few tears during this book (I'm an emotional and sensitive soul at the best of times) I don't think it will have such a long lasting effect on me as Me Before You did.

The reason for that is primarily due to the nature of the book. Now, don't get me wrong, Time To Say Goodbye was a bloody good, imaginative d├ębut novel but for me, the story just lacked a little something that I'm unable to put my finger on - although it's most likely the Romanic love story element I have a guilty pleasure for that's missing! -to give it that major book hangover I had with MYB.

I was first drawn to the book by its gorgeous cover when Avon posted a photo on their Twitter feed, and from their tweets I knew that it was a story about knowing when the right time to say goodbye was... I wasn't expecting this though!

The story starts with Will watching paramedics trying to save his life at the roadside where he has just been subject to a fatal accident. Realising the time he, the spirit he, rushes to his six year old daughter, Ella, school, to find her standing alone waiting for him. The one thing he promised Ella was that he'd never leave her...
Over the next few chapters we witness life through Will's eyes as his mum and dad inform his child she's been orphaned and as funeral arrangements are made and carried out - the first few chapters literally had me sobbing and for a while I wondered if I would actually finish the book.

Bear with it, the middle isn't quite as teary as a lot of things happen. Will is introduced to his "guide" and informed of two choices... To pass over to 'the other side' or remain close to Ella. It is the latter he is swaying with despite his guides warnings that it really isn't for her best interests. Determined to make contact with Ella he manages to tap into her dream and then eventually she can see and hear him but it's quite clear that she becomes dependant on her time with her dad, making Will's decision harder and harder.

Sub story lines were a plenty within this book too which kept it interesting and me wanting to read on, a secret mobile phone belonging to Will's father, only found when he was admitted to hospital, a mysterious black car stalking out Will's parents home, not forgetting his feisty sister with a very colourful past.

Throughout the book there were real moving, heart wrenching paragraphs but there were also parts which were light hearted giving a great balance. As the story went on, I was left in the dark on Will's final choice right up to the end of the book and even then I didn't see that one coming!

Books based on spirits and 'the other side' aren't usually my thing but Time To Say Goodbye was written in a way that I think even most sceptics with enjoy. It wasn't too focused on ghosts and hauntings... It was purely a heartbreaking story of a father not wishing to leave his daughters side and it was refreshing to read a book with a male lead.

Well worth a read! 

An English graduate from the University of Manchester, he’s also worked as a holiday rep, door-to-door salesman, train cleaner, kitchen porter and mobile phone network engineer.

Over the years Stuart has spent time in France, Holland and Australia, but home these days is back in the UK. He lives in a village near Manchester with his wife and daughter. There’s also his cat, Bernard, who likes to distract him from writing – usually by breaking things.

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