Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Review: It Had To Be You by Sarah Webb

Guest Reviewed by Samantha.

In the Irish village of Burnaby, life is about to change for three very different women.

Molly Harper is the long-suffering manager of Ireland's only dedicated romance bookshop, "Happily Ever After." She can't stand Milo Jones, the super-smooth new owner, but he does have a rather attractive son, Sam. Should she stay or should she walk?

Her best friend, Paige Brady, has problems of her own. She's just launched a general election campaign and is astonished when another candidate, Annette Higgins, starts to attack her in a very personal way. But Paige is determined to stay in the race.

Kate Bewan, shop assistant in the trendy Burnaby designer shoe shop ' Baroque' by day, runs the popular dummy dating service 'Dublin Dummy Dates' by night. But one particular client is proving to be more than a handful. 

But all's fair in love, politics and business as the three friends are about to find out. Enter the world of Burnaby Village and you'll be glad you stayed because sometimes finding yourself is only the start of the adventure.

This book was a brilliant read! I loved it so much that I read it in a day! 
It was fast paced but easy to keep up with.

It follows the lives of three friends who are all very different. Their stories are told and leave you guessing as to what might happen next. 
It shows love and war through politics and business but at the same time, it shows laughs and memories which everyone would want to last forever. 
Not only does it show the typical life of a person but it shows the troubles that you just don't want to face. 

Having not read any books by Sarah Webb before, I was unsure on what it would be like. However, it was gripping from the first sentence right the way through to the end. In fact, I just wanted to read more and I was sad when it was over.

If you get the opportunity to read this book, do it. It is a decision that you won't regret and one that will make you laugh and smile, even on the hardest days. 

I think this is a book I will be reading again for sure.

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  1. What a lovely review, thanks so much, Samantha. It's one of my older books in fact - the latest are The Shoestring Club and The Memory Box.
    Kind regards, Sarah