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Blog tour: Wish Upon A Christmas Cake by Darcie Boleyn

Today is my stop on the Neverland Blog Tour for Darcie Boleyn's novel, 
Wish Upon A Christmas Cake 
and not only can you find my review below but there is also a giveaway!

The most wonderful time of the year?
Katie Warham has just one wish this year…to have the best Christmas ever!
If only she could lock herself away in a cloud of flour and sugar at her cosy little tearoom, Crumbtious Cakes, instead of spending the festive season trapped with her judgemental mother, crazy Aunt Gina and loved-up celebrity brother Karl…
But Katie never expected her ex-boyfriend, widower Sam – and his two adorable children – to turn up on her doorstep. She didn’t think that any man could tempt her under the mistletoe this year, but Sam might just prove the exception! And as the snow begins to fall and Katie puts the final touches to her famous Christmas cake, she begins to wonder, could her Christmas wish actually come true?
This holiday season, snuggle up by a roaring fire with a mulled wine and enjoy Darcie Boleyn’s festive winter warmer!

 If your looking for your perfect festive read to curl up to on a Sunday afternoon then I cannot recommend this book enough - I loved it that much I finished it in one sitting, which is rare for me of late as I've been so busy.

Katie Warham is the main character in the book, she comes across as a kind yet sensitive soul, but one that is living her dream running her own cake business, Crumbsious, or so she thinks!

As Christmas approaches, Katie is dreading spending time with her family, particularly as her beloved Granny passed away only two short months ago. She's never felt that she has made her mother proud or lived up to her expectations, especially as her older brother Karl is the golden child with his celeb status, although it is clear he dotes on Katie.
To lighten the mood her best friend, flat mate and business partner Ann tells her to wish upon a piece of their famous Christmas cake, in which Katie does but isn't sure what will come of it.

Katie arrives at the very glamorous Hawthorne Manor in which her and her family are staying for the festive period, only to be fronted by an unexpected face of Christmas past... her ex and one only true love, Sam.

Katie and Sam have history, and appeared happy until events took a turn for the worst, I wont give out too many details as spoil it for you, but Katie pushed Sam away and it's clear as the story unfolds that Katie and Sam still have strong feelings for each other only each are nursing a broken heart with Katie facing her first Christmas minus her Granny and Sam facing the first one alone with his young children, Jack and Holly, since the death of his wife a year a go.

Whilst Wish Upon A Christmas Cake was a fast pace book, and was based from just prior to Christmas to early spring, it wasn't short of detail.
Darcie has a great way of telling a story with in depth details, building up a picture in your own head and making you feel as if you are part of that particular scene.
There were lots of ups and downs to the story as Katie and Sam battle their feelings, as Katie and her mother try to build bridges and they try to move on without Granny in their lives, but ultimately it was a love story based around Christmas and the epilogue which was based on the following Christmas wrapped the story up beautifully - I just loved Katie and Sam's stories.

Wish Upon A Christmas Cake had be smiling throughout, all of the characters had fabulous personalities and the bonds between Katie, Karl, Sam and his children were a joy to read.
The book made me scream and gasp at some of the scenes between Katie and Sam.... They are the type of characters you just know should be together yet find disruptions along the way.

If I had to some this book up in one sentence it would be something like ~ It made me laugh, it made me cry but was wonderfully heartwarming, festive and romantic!

No question that is is awarded 5 flowers!

I would like to thank CarinaUK for supplying a review copy via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion.

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